BSC Fan Ownership

Imagine a blank canvas to build a football culture the way it should be, the right way. We’ve got the experience, we’ve got the community, so, let’s do it. 

We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved in our 17 years. But we can always do more, so while we’re here, we’re going to keep pushing. 

Football is the country’s game. But modern football feels wrong. Are you going to accept it, or do you fancy taking a punt on the tonic? 

We’re asking our community, you, and anyone who wants to put a bit of romance back into the game, to join us. Help us build a sense of belonging and bring a bit of power back into grassroots football. 

Because here’s the thing, fan ownership works. From the very bottom of the game to the very top. Just look at the Bundesliga. It’s the highest attended league in the world, and their teams are pretty successful too.

Look at teams like Bohemians with their fierce backing of the LGBT community, or Lewes F.C., who are pioneering equal rights in the women’s game. 

At the end of the day though, we’re not a Bundesliga team, we’re not going to rock the Champions League. We’re just a group of folk from the west of Glasgow who are tired of the same old same old. Not that it would be impossible to make it to the Champions League, we’re joining the bottom of the Scottish Professional League after all. 

All of our 1st team will be made up of our own members. So, unlike other fan-owned clubs, our players will be owners too, not just employees. 

But more than just having a player pathway, we’ll be operating from a coaching pathway as well, just like at Bayern Munich. They know who the first-team coach will be 10 years from now thanks to their in-house coaching structure. Just like them, our gaffer will be one of our own too! 

It’s as simple as that. It’s all going to be homemade, folks! Scottish football is a unique world of its own and we’re adding our own wee chapter. For just £1.92 a week too, take a punt!