BSC Glasgow Launches New Website

BSC Glasgow FC are delighted to launch the first version of their brand new website to serve the remainder of the Lowland League season and provide up to date information and facts for supporters of the club and beyond.

The new website takes over from the old one providing results and fixtures but also adds a dynamic league table, squad list (with stats where we have them!) and many more features which we think supporters of all Lowland League clubs will love.

General Manager George Fraser had this to say as he imagined himself cutting a big yellow ribbon with a pair of comedy scissors: “We promised our new Media & Communications Manager Michael would be putting his stamp on things, and we didn’t have to wait long! Our website has been redesigned, and it’s a cracker!”

The self-same Michael Park, full of his own self-importance, chimed in with his thoughts: “We’ve been working really hard to make the BSC Glasgow FC website as fit for purpose as it possibly can be. Supporters demand a lot more information from their football club these days and the redesign gives us a real platform to provide that. Obviously we’re still adding to it, squad photos, video content, new images and whatnot are all things to look out for over the next couple of months and then starting next season, because we’re gluttons for punishment, we’re going to be trying to keep supporters up to date with as many statistics – yellow cards, assists, goals, things like that, as we can.”

This is an exciting time for the club both on and off the pitch and everyone at the club is hoping that we’re able to reflect that with our online presence while still coming across as a bunch of Flash Harrys.