A premature end to BSC Glasgow’s Scottish Cup campaign as a late penalty settled Haddington Athletic’s place in the next round.

The home side dominated the opening minutes and broke the deadlock early on allowing a wave of positivity for BSC Glasgow – a corner came in from Declan Hughes and found Andy Geggan who used that signature right foot to hit a perfect volley into the back of the net.

The early goal only seemed to spur Haddington on as they began to take up more possession and catch out BSC’s defence more often than not. Haddington’s Guy McGarry had a tremendous chance when he broke through after a free kick and earned a one-on-one with David Wilson. Despite more than enough time, his shot skewed wide.

Jamie Mills’ continued an ideal first half lashing fabulous balls over the top to Darren Christie who was able to stride into the box many times but it was never enough to get past Haddington keeper, Dale Cornet.

BSC began to look a bit tetchy towards the end of the first half as the chances came quick and fast for the East of Scotland side. Craig McCracken made the tackle of the match after he was caught out of position and was forced to sprint back and stop Shaun Hill from getting into the box.

We almost went into the break with a two goal cushion when Michael Anderson rose for a header after a Christie cross but the ball could only smack off the post.


There was a half time change as Ross McMillan replaced Declan Fitzpatrick.

The 50/50 continued between either side straight out the gate and counter attacks seemed to be the way forward. Nice passing in the midfield allowed Jamie Glasgow to pick out Darren Christie and gain a one-on-one with Dale Cornet but the Haddington keeper made an absolutely brilliant save to deny BSC.

The inevitable occurred in the 59th minute – a Haddington corner curled into the box and took a deflection off either Seamus Russell or a BSC shirt and found the back of the net. Either way, Haddington found their equaliser.

In what could’ve been a spectacular brace, Dec Hughes found Geggan again with a corner but this time, his volley couldn’t get through the Haddington defence. Ryan Tierney came on to add more attacking prowess, replacing Michael Anderson.

Dale Cornet continued an incredible performance between the sticks when he miraculously saved a Ryan Tierney header in the 6 yard box despite the ball already past him and on its way to the net.

It proved it wasn’t to be BSC’s afternoon when in the 74th minute, Haddington went ahead for the first time in the match. Gabriele Auriemma slipped the ball past David Wilson and it hit the inside of the post and went in.

Haddington were able to really cement a massive win when they won a penalty four minutes later after a BSC handball – Gordon Harris stepped up and sent David Wilson the wrong way.

However, there was a glimmer of hope when Guy McGarry brought down Geggan in the box and BSC were awarded a penalty of their own. Dec Hughes stepped up and sent Cornet the wrong way giving BSC a lifeline.

The last few minutes really showcased how big the Scottish Cup ties can be when tensions exploded – after a minor clash between Andy Geggan and a Haddington player, the coaches decided to get involved in an altercation with Declan Hughes forcing the BSC staff to step up and act as peacemakers.

The referee showed red cards to Declan Hughes, Joe Hamill and a Haddington coach. It was a spicy final few minutes but ultimately it wasn’t enough and BSC Glasgow went out of the Scottish Cup.



Date Time League Season
12th December 2020 3:00 pm William Hill Scottish Cup 2020/21


BSC Glasgow2
Haddington Athletic3

Haddington Athletic

Goals Assists Yellows Reds


The Indodrill Stadium
A907, Alloa FK10 1SA, UK