How We’re Dealing with Coronavirus

Here at BSC Glasgow FC we’re as bored as you without football on a Saturday (and a Tuesday… and a Saturday… thanks Zeus) and we’ve been giving a lot of thought to how best to use the small platform that we have in a positive way throughout this situation.

As it stands, all football and training remain off and won’t be reinstated until we have clear direction from the Scottish FA that it’s safe to do so.

As a football club we have a fairly limited capacity to deal with things like this with nary an epidemiologist amongst us, but we want to do what we can.

Our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will be our main way of communicating with you and aside from some fun things we have planned and regular streams from our Ambassador and all round excellent human being Mozza we want to do what we can to help people come together at what can be a difficult time.

So to that end we are planning to utilise our social platforms to boost positive things happening within our communities (both in Glasgow and Alloa).

We’re going to talk up small businesses that are going to struggle in this uncertain climate.

If you’re offering your help to people struggling or you’re running a small business and looking to get the word out there then please get in touch with us on social media and we’ll do what we can to share your info.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we’re going to continue the good work that Missing People and AS Roma began in the summer by trying to help find missing people. We know our platform is limited, but we know how important it is to be with your family (or at least two metres away) when things seem to be getting out of hand and we want to do what we can to bring people back together if possible.

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Stay safe, stay strong, look after each other, wash your hands.

Lots of love,

BSC Glasgow FC