Lowland League Preview: Cumbernauld Colts

We are back for game no.2 of the week after such a lengthy break and boy, does it feel good. At least it would if it wasn’t for the horrible injury sustained by Adam Strachan on Wednesday night.

Obviously, we were on-track to a 5-0 win on Wednesday night but that was derailed by that horrifying injury which led to the match being abandoned. It goes without saying that he’s in everyone’s thoughts, and that’s been obvious with the huge number of good wishes coming into the club via Twitter.

Adam had been in scintillating form with three assists throughout the match, and with the final result unknown due to the abandonment, it’s already obvious that there is a big hole to fill on the left hand side of the attack. How Stephen Swift reshuffles the pack to cover his absence will be key to unlocking Cumbernauld Colts, who will come into this one with confidence.

There’s no doubt that we face a huge challenge as we host a team in stunning form. The Broadwood side currently sit in an ideal second place, on a points par with Spartans at 18, marking them out as major dark horses (no pun intended) in the campaign with a third of the season gone.

Colts come off two confident victories; first off, last weekend’s 2-0 win over Whitehill Welfare where they without a doubt dominated the Rosewell side for the entire 90 minutes. The second goal is proof positive that Colts have a squad BSC need to worry about. The second goal in their match game against Welfare came from a beautiful Pedram Ardalani assist and saw Sean Brown slot it passed the keeper.  The BSC back line will really have to be on their game in order to block Colt’s impressive midfield out.

Cumbernauld’s midweek fixture saw a 1-0 victory over a University of Stirling side that were beginning to regain form.  The only goal came from forward, Fraser Team, another player Stephen Swift needs to prepare his defence for.

The match will also mark the return of former BSC Glasgow midfielder Arni Bembo to the Indodrill, having signed for Colts in the summer and made an instant impact. We’re all looking forward to catching up with him.

Cumbernauld Colts seem to have shot up the table in a short order, confounding early season predictions and showing that there are a number of supposed underdogs who can make a huge impact on this season’s Lowland League. Even with BSC being considered one of them, it’ll take dogged determination and a wee bit of fight to come out on top.