Mozza Manages BSC Part 1: The Rules

Well, here we are – I finally managed to sign a contract with a professional football club, achieving a boyhood dream! In case you missed it, Lowland League challengers BSC Glasgow signed me up as their official eSports Partner, and I’ll be taking over as ‘eManager’ for an ongoing series on the new club website. Sure, I never made it as a player, but at least this way I get to justify playing Football Manager as a job (the fiancée remains to be convinced) and avoid the fitness training!

I’ve set myself a couple of basic rules for this project, to try and make the updates more enjoyable for everyone:

  • Realism is key. I’ll use the same squad as Swifty has from the start of this (2017/18) season, and will only be allowed to make any changes from the January transfer window – with the possible exception of an additional loanee.
  • The backroom staff stay in place through the whole first season (assuming they don’t get miffed with my approach and leave themselves) and we’ll see what happens in the summer.
  • Big Ross McMillan will be captain, as is the case just now.

Here’s the updated squad that I’ll be leading into the Lowland League campaign. I take no responsibility for the star ratings, Michael Moore’s virtual alter-ego came up with those…and you wouldn’t pick a fight with him, would you?

Expect to see these posted every second Wednesday, and do feel free to give me some feedback on twitter @MozzaPlays. I’m no Mourinho, which might be for the best given I’m trying to bring excitement to The Indodrill!

Thanks for reading, and let’s #KeepFighting.

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