Mozza Manages BSC Part 13: That Winning Feeling

We’re coming close to the end of the season and Mozza has been hard at work tweaking parallel universe BSC Glasgow. Have his boys done it? Have they brought home the Lowland League title home?

It doesn’t matter how you win, just that you get the three points on the board when you need it most. We’ve lost our free-scoring swagger in the closing stages of the Lowland League season, but ultimately it hasn’t mattered… I’ve done what was expected of me, and delivered a league title!

While I’m obviously delighted at picking up my first trophy, and the squad have enjoyed a celebratory drink or three, the grind doesn’t stop here. We have two final games to negotiate, finishing at home to our main challengers Edusport, and then have no time to rest as the SPFL playoffs come along. We’re in two minds whether to rest some weary young legs or keep to our first eleven over the next couple of weeks; my current feeling is to keep going and maintain momentum ahead of (hopefully two) winner-takes-all ties.

Mr Prince isn’t too chuffed with matters off the field, however. Both Berwick Rangers and Arbroath have approached the club looking to speak with me regarding their managerial openings, while East Fife were strongly linked before I publicly re-affirmed my commitment to the BSC cause. We await confirmation on the playoff qualifiers, and it looks like it may well be Berwick lying in wait if we can get past likely Highland champions Cove Rangers.

Our squad is thankfully in good health ahead of the crunch games. Martin Grehan has just returned to training after his longer term knock, while apart from the occasional bump there are no other absentees currently. We’ll rein back the intensity for the next couple of weeks as the guys deserve a rest before one final push for glory! Everything is set up nicely; with no excuses, let’s see if we’ve got what it takes to move up into the “pro” ranks of Scottish football.

Since my last update, we have only tasted defeat in one game – sadly, it saw the end of our South Challenge Cup campaign at the semi-final stage as our old bogey team Civil Service Strollers once again found a way to beat a rotated lineup. As much as our focus has been geared to the league, it rankles a bit that we’ve again thrown away an opportunity of adding a cup to the trophy cabinet.

Having just had a meeting with the board, I’ve been left in no doubt about their expectations. At a very minimum, they want to see our lads get past our Highland League counterparts and have the chance to seal promotion – fail to do so, and despite my achievements I might find myself looking for work elsewhere. Either way, the playing budget will be cut for next season should we remain at Lowland League level as negotiations and planning continue to bring the club back home in a new community stadium.

For now, let’s look at the positives and enjoy these last ‘bounce’ games in the Lowland. Sitting on a record points tally of 61, we’ll try to add more and score a few with the pressure off. Jordan Moore continues to put the ball away at a relentless rate, but I’d like to see Jack Smith and others return to peak form. Young centre back prodigy Aaron Morrison has perhaps had his head turned by yet more SPFL interest in his services, affecting his recent performances, and I’ve left him in no doubt that more application and effort is expected from him.

Time once again to look ahead… whisper it, but I fancy our chances of doing something here! Ultimately, we’ll need the classic combination of luck and hard work to get what we want from the next few weeks of high-stakes football. Cove still have to win their final league fixture to guarantee their spot, and a few League 2 sides are fighting to avoid the bottom spot – all the while, we can prepare safe in the knowledge that we’ve done our bit and handled our business early. I’ve sent Andy Smith to watch the Highland champs-elect in their final fixture, and am hoping he’ll again find some weaknesses to exploit.

Remember when I said the word ‘playoff’ was banned? Well… it’s the word ‘promotion’ now! Let’s see if we can negotiate our way to the final first; after that, I might loosen up slightly. Getting so close would be a major disappointment if we fail to give ourselves a shot, after such a great league campaign.

My job now is to keep the lads focused yet confident, ready to show everyone why we deserve our opportunity – we’re here to win!

Mozza has been streaming his BSC Glasgow journey and many other games over on Twitch so make sure you check out his Twitter for details of when he’ll be live: @MozzaPlays