Multi Sports Camp

1st July to 2nd Aug 2019

We are running a multi sports camp for 5 weeks at Hyndland School where we will provide fun and competitive sport in a team environment. Each camp is a week-long event culminating in a Friday awards ceremony.

It’s open to all age groups at BSC Glasgow and non-members P1 to P3

About the Camp

  • The camp will run Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm at Hyndland Secondary School
  • Children can arrive at registration class from 9am and can stay until 5pm. 
  • It is open to all members (free for one week & half price for additional weeks)
  • Places will need to be booked in order to take part.
  • Members who book and don’t show will be charged £10 a day
  • Children will arrive each day for Registration in a designated classroom
  • Non-Members will be able to attend and will be charged a fee for participation
  • Please use the booking form and return to Admin, email or post in.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the first sports session at 10am
  • Children are asked to dress accordingly for the weather and apply sun cream if necessary.
  • BSC members should wear kit although we appreciate this may need to be washed from time to time.
  • Children can wear football clothing (not Old Firm kits) with appropriate footwear for indoor and outdoor sport as we may need to take refuge inside from time to time.
  • Children will need a healthy packed lunch every day.
  • Also bring a bag with water, a small snack, a small towel for drying your head, and a dry shirt/jumper is always good to have.

To download the the booking form for the Multi Sports Camp click here