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BSC 11’s Video

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SYFA Update to Clubs

2019/2020 Season

Following extensive discussions, the Board has made the decision that no further league fixtures should be played as part of the 2019/2020 season, therefore drawing the 2019/2020 season to a close.

The Coronavirus Joint Response Group’s update, issued on the 9th April, advised that the suspension of all football in Scotland had been extended until at least the 10th June 2020.  Should football activities recommence on this date, this leaves less than three weeks of the standard season remaining. There is no feasible way of squeezing training and fixtures into this small window. We must also remember that this date signifies a best case scenario, and there is still a strong possibility that it may get pushed further back.

The Board also considered extending the 2019/20 season beyond the summer, however this doesn’t appear to be practicable. Not only would it raise issues with registrations and insurance, it would also result in problematic scheduling matters from a league perspective, in trying to hurry through one season (with a recommencement date still unknown), only to immediately restart the next. There is also the substantial likelihood that players may face an unnecessary overload of games at the beginning of the new season which would go against child wellbeing and player development best practice.

Football under the SYFA’s jurisdiction is age-specific, and each age level brings changes and challenges in terms of both development and match duration. We all must accept that the 2019/2020 season has been unexpectedly and irrefutably disrupted due to the current circumstances, however, by ending fixtures now, we stand the best chance of restarting the 2020/2021 with as little delay or disruption as possible.

It is at each league’s discretion how they choose to calculate final placings, and we would expect teams to give their full support and patience as their league works through this.

Referring back to the matter of the 2020/2021 season, I am pleased to inform you that league, club and team registrations will open in early May. We are finalising matters with the IT department and hope to announce the specific date on which the window will open in the coming days. 

We would stress that members should only register if the relevant club and / or team secretary is already in a position to execute the task from home. Under no circumstances should officials be meeting up in order to prepare for their membership application. Teams unable to register at this stage will not be disadvantaged however those that are able to register will be assisting their fellow members in doing so.

Opening early helps to prevent an unmanageable number of applications being submitted within a very short space of time, which would likely be the case if we held-off opening registrations until an official restart date had been confirmed. This could lead to further delay and, ultimately prevent teams getting back to games at the earliest possible opportunity. It also allows leagues and clubs who are in a position to do so, to complete the administrative side of things well in advance, ensuring football itself can be their key priority down the line.

Full details of the registration process, including player registrations, will be confirmed once finalised with both the IT and Registrations departments at the Scottish FA.

Cup Competitions

Rule 84 of the Supplementary and Playing Rules allows for special permission to be granted to complete unfinished cup ties:

Exceptionally, in the case of unfinished Cup Competitions, special permission may be granted by the SYFA for delayed Cup ties to be played on or after 1 August in the following season. Only players who were eligible to play for the teams involved in a delayed Cup tie at 15 June in the preceding season may play in such Cup tie for which special permission has been granted.

Whether or not it is possible to complete cup ties will depend entirely on when football activities can resume. If it is possible to complete cup competitions by Sunday 6th September then we will grant approval to complete competitions, giving priority to the inspiresport Scottish Youth FA Cup, followed by regional competitions and then league cup competitions.  

There is a strong possibility that even if we can resume activities in June, league cup competitions will not be completed due to time and facility restrictions. Again we expect teams to fully support their league in whatever decision is reached.

If football has not resumed before August, 2019/2020 cup competitions, including the inspiresport SYFA cup, will not be completed.


Extensive work has also been carried out in relation to the AGM which is due to take place in June. We have still to receive further clarification from our legal advisors regarding the meeting itself, and will provide you all with a further update on this in due course.

Rule 11 of the Supplementary and Playing rules outlines the process for members to submit resolutions for the AGM:

Notice from a member of any proposed addition or alteration to the Supplementary & Playing Rules to be put forward for consideration at the Annual General Meeting must be sent by Recorded Signed for or Special Delivery by the proposer and seconder in separate letters, signed by the respective secretary of the member club, league or association proposing and seconding, to the SYFA c/o National Secretary, before the 30th day of April in the then current year. Notice from a member of any other Resolution to be brought before an Annual General Meeting must be sent in like manner before the 30th day of April in the then current year.

Given the current situation, the Board has temporarily amended this rule. As we do not currently have access to our Hampden office, resolutions must be submitted via email to the National Secretary. The following process must be followed:

1.  Resolutions must be attached to emails in the form of a letter, and sent to by 30th April 2020.

2. Emails from both the proposer and seconder must be sent from the registered email address of the league or club secretary.

3. Resolutions must be signed (either via verified electronic signature or scanned copy of signed letter)

4.  Hard copies of letters must be retained by the sender for retrospective verification.

5.  National Secretary will confirm receipt of resolution.

We would ask that any members who have submitted resolutions via postal delivery on or after 19th March 2020 resubmit these using the process above.

Summer Football

We also want to take this opportunity to raise the matter of summer football. Some of you will be aware of the petition regarding switching our 11 a side age groups from a winter season to a summer season. In addition to this petition we have also received three emails from club officials supporting this change.

Such a change would require extensive consultation and planning, and would be a huge undertaking for ourselves and our league volunteers. Our current structure, resources and IT provision are all currently set up for the dual- season system and implanting such a change at a national level is clearly a broad and complex undertaking. However, we have a duty to listen to our members and respond appropriately and responsibly to such suggestions and as such will be conducting an extensive consultation project, initially with our member leagues, in order to discuss the practicalities of this suggestion.

We sincerely hope that you are all well in these unprecedented times, and thank you for your ongoing efforts and commitment.

Kind regards,

(On behalf of the Scottish Youth FA Board)

BSC Food Bank

Thank you for your continued support!
We’d like to thank our BSC members and the local community for the fantastic response thus far to our Food Bank Donation Appeal.    For those who have donated cash, we have a full load ready to go to those in need direct from the wholesaler.   Whilst we are grateful for the support, there is still many people out there who are in desperate need of our help!   

We have volunteers at the ready to come and safely collect food bank donations, please just drop us an email at or give us a call on 0141 339 3606 to arrange.

Donate Your Ticket To Support Back Onside

We know you miss football, and we do too but unfortunately it looks like it might be a while before we’re back on the pitch.

We also know that this is a tough time for a lot of people who are locked down or working in key industries trying to keep everything running at this incredibly tough time.

In order to try and do what we can, we’ve partnered with Donate A Ticket to allow our supporters to buy a ticket as they would on a Saturday, but instead of the funds going to the club, we’ll be donating them directly to mental health charity Back Onside.

The demand for mental health services is expanding exponentially at the moment, and if you can spare the cost of admission to one or two of our matches then you rest assured that it’s going to help people who are affected by their mental health or their circumstances in these strange times.

Support us and Back Onside at Donate A Ticket

(All proceeds from this campaign will be donated to Back Onside Charity No. SC048082)

Joint Response Group Update

We have a short update from the Scottish FA/SPFL Joint Response Group with regards to COVID-19.

Following today’s meeting of the Joint Response Group, and further to conversations over the weekend with our Medical Consultant, Dr John MacLean, it has become apparent that clubs are still convening training sessions against the guidance of the Scottish FA.

We take this opportunity to remind members in the strongest possible terms that they desist from conducting training sessions under their auspices. Not only is this against the guidance issued throughout the game but it also goes against the government and UK Chief Medical Officers’ advice to delay the spread of coronavirus [COVID-19].

Ian Maxwell, Scottish FA Chief Executive: “I would urge our members, and especially our Affiliated National Associations responsible for grassroots football, to ensure clubs observe social distancing guidance outlined by government.

“While many of the instances have been anecdotal, I have seen it for myself this weekend. Please stop it. I urge everyone involved in the game to do what we can to safeguard public health as best we can.

“The message from the First Minister, which was reiterated today, could not be clearer when she said ‘the advice that is being given to people is not to be seen as optional’. That applies to football as it does across society.

“We have been in touch today with Jason Leitch, Scotland’s National Clinical Director, and his message is equally clear: do not gather in groups. He also outlined the importance of exercise but that it is done alone, or in very small family groups, whilst observing social distancing guidelines, and advised people to look at the many online classes now offered.”

The Joint Response Group asks that stakeholders circulate this document as widely as they can. Please send this to as many as possible; clubs, parents, players, match officials, staff and supporters.

We consistently say that football is a force for good, let’s use that power to spread this message far and wide.

BSC Glasgow Food Bank @ St Brides

Please let People know we are setting up a Food Bank Collection Point at The Crypt, St Brides Church Hyndland

  • To drop off we will be in the Crypt Monday to Friday 5-7pm from Thursday 19th March
  • We are happy to collect from you.
  • Phone or email and we will arrange a collection
  • If you want to volunteer please phone (0141 339 3606) or email us (

Items Needed:

  • Dry Food & Cans
  • Toiletries
  • Nappies & Sanitary Products
  • Cleaning Material

How We’re Dealing with Coronavirus

Here at BSC Glasgow FC we’re as bored as you without football on a Saturday (and a Tuesday… and a Saturday… thanks Zeus) and we’ve been giving a lot of thought to how best to use the small platform that we have in a positive way throughout this situation.

As it stands, all football and training remain off and won’t be reinstated until we have clear direction from the Scottish FA that it’s safe to do so.

As a football club we have a fairly limited capacity to deal with things like this with nary an epidemiologist amongst us, but we want to do what we can.

Our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will be our main way of communicating with you and aside from some fun things we have planned and regular streams from our Ambassador and all round excellent human being Mozza we want to do what we can to help people come together at what can be a difficult time.

So to that end we are planning to utilise our social platforms to boost positive things happening within our communities (both in Glasgow and Alloa).

We’re going to talk up small businesses that are going to struggle in this uncertain climate.

If you’re offering your help to people struggling or you’re running a small business and looking to get the word out there then please get in touch with us on social media and we’ll do what we can to share your info.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we’re going to continue the good work that Missing People and AS Roma began in the summer by trying to help find missing people. We know our platform is limited, but we know how important it is to be with your family (or at least two metres away) when things seem to be getting out of hand and we want to do what we can to bring people back together if possible.

Stay up to date: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Stay safe, stay strong, look after each other, wash your hands.

Lots of love,

BSC Glasgow FC

COVID-19 Response from Scottish FA

The Scottish Football Association have announced that all football in Scotland played under their jurisdiction is to be postponed indefinitely in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a club BSC Glasgow FC fully support this decision which has been made to safeguard the health of supporters, players, and staff of all clubs. We will keep you all informed of any plans to reinstate League fixtures as and when we hear them.

Ian Maxwell, Scottish FA Chief Executive said: “Since the guidance outlined by governments last night we have been engaged in extensive dialogue to clarify the position and implications of that guidance for Scottish football.

“Today’s announcement is made in the interests of public health but, equally, the health and safety of players, match officials, and staff across the game. This is of paramount importance as the country enters the ‘delay’ phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is also why the Scottish FA is compelled to ensure that the suspension is cascaded through the non-professional and grassroots games until further notice.”

In the meantime, please continue to follow NHS advice on Coronavirus, stay safe, and wash your hands.