BSC Glasgow: Peterson Park, Knightswood
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Peterson Park Hall Regeneration: Peterson Park Hall is home to local Dance, Drama and Fitness groups. Closed down during COVID we want to repair and refurbish our community hall. The heating does not work, it needs redecorated and we want to install dance studio wall mirrors. DONATE NOW

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We’d love for you to join us. As a player, a coach, a volunteer, or even a fan - blue and yellow is for everyone!

Play: No matter your age or your level; whether you’re looking to get your kid into sport, rekindle an old passion, get fit, or just make some friends, everyone has a place at BSC.

Volunteer: And it’s not just a case of what you can do for your sports club, it’s also a case of what your sports club can do for you! Do you have an interest in writing, photography, social media, or coaching? develop that skill and master it with us.

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