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BSC K-Pop Dance

Peterson Park Hall Regeneration: Peterson Park Hall is home to local Dance, Drama and Fitness groups. Closed down during COVID we want to repair and refurbish our community hall. The heating does not work, it needs redecorated and we want to install dance studio wall mirrors. DONATE NOW

BSC K-Pop Dance

BSC K-Pop Dance at Kelvin Hall

K-Pop Dance is a form of dance that originated in South Korea and has evolved into an international phenomenon. It’s a mixture of hip-hop, breakdance, and street dance.

Glasgow is enjoying an influx of East Asian culture with the arrival of overseas students. BSC see K-Pop as an opportunity to embrace our visitors and diversify our dance offering.

Read about our K-pop and jazz teacher, Ruby Han

BSC K Pop Dance Timetable

  • Adult Sessions (Over 16yrs) at Sundays 2 - 3pm at Kelvin Hall Dance Studio
  • Advanced Class 3 - 4pm at Kelvin Hall Dance Studio
  • Kids K Pop (Under 16s ) 1 - 2pm at Kelvin Hall Dance Studio

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