BSC SUmmer Capm 2022

BSC Summer Camp 2022

BSC Glasgow
Multi Sports Camp at Hyndland Secondary

27th June 29th July 2022

We are running a multi sports camp for 5 weeks at Hyndland Secondary School where we will provide fun and competitive sport in a team environment. Each camp is a week-long event culminating in a Friday awards ceremony.

It’s open to all age groups at BSC Glasgow and non-members from P1 to S1.
Older children can join as helpers

About the Camp

  • The camp will run Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm at Hyndland Secondary School
  • Children can arrive at registration class from 9am and can stay until 5pm.
  • It is open to all members (free for one week & half price for additional weeks)
  • Places will need to be booked in order to take part.
  • Members who book and don’t show will be charged £10 a day
  • Children will arrive each day for Registration in a designated classroom
  • Non-Members will be able to attend and will be charged a fee for participation
  • Please use the booking form and return to Admin, email or post in.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the first sports session at 10am
  • Children are asked to dress accordingly for the weather and apply sun screen if necessary.
  • BSC members should wear kit although we appreciate this may need to be washed from time to time.
  • Children can wear football clothing (not Old Firm kits) with appropriate footwear for indoor and outdoor sport as we may need to take refuge inside from time to time.
  • Children will need a healthy packed lunch every day.
  • Also bring a bag with water, a small snack, a small towel for drying your head, and a dry shirt/jumper is always good to have.
  • Weeks 1st to 5th & 8th to 12th August will be a Football Camp at Hyndland for our Minis and 7s Aside teams. Available free to members for both weeks. Details to follow.

Homecoming: BSC at Peterson Park

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After years of struggling, we’ve finally managed to secure a place of our own, Peterson Park, in Knightswood, Glasgow. We’re asking you all to help us not only transform it into a thriving community sports hub, but to be a part of it!

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The Story so Far

We’ve been homeless since the beginning, way back in 2004. Not having our own facilities has drained our resources, stunted our growth, and limited our mission.

But we’ve finally landed our own place – Peterson Park, in Knightswood, in the west of Glasgow – and now it’s time to decorate. Because although folk driving past might just see an unloved and bare grass field, to us, it’s the beginning of something special.

Our Dream

We have our own dream of what grassroots Scottish football can be. We have a dream of a fan-owned club in the west of Glasgow that has male and female teams, made up of players and coaches that are both fans, members, and owners.

At our home, we’ll have games that are more than matches; there will be events with a festival feel, for everyone. For the kids playing games in the halls, to the bigger kids (and adults) singing songs and enjoying refreshments pitch-side. Think of music, food, games, fun, the lot.

The Benefits of Peterson Park

1. Firstly, it will allow us to grow. It will be a focal point for our identity and the services that we can offer. The money saved by having our own pitch and not hiring elsewhere (£20k) can be redirected to our Community Sports Development Projects.

2. Peterson Park will be a unique cultural diverse space: this new project collaborates with our new friends, the Mid Argyll Shinty Club and Glasgow Gaels Gaelic Football Club who share adjoining pitches.

3. It will be a social space for children and families to play and young people to hang out. Building a team identity across the west end.

4. It will cement Knightswood’s status as a hub for sport. Golf, tennis, bowls, football, and BMX biking are already bringing people into the community.

5. It protects the land from the threat of development. Closed during COVID the pitches were not going to be reopened by the City. This collaboration protects this Green space for future generations.

6. What’s more, we’re planning on running a food truck that will not only be a different way to make revenue, but its crucial outcome will be training and employing people with learning difficulties.

7. Local schools are already benefiting from the presence of BSC from delivering free after school Coaching sessions and we have just completed an Easter football camp at Peterson Park.

8. And finally, it will support the local economy. It will engage local people as volunteers and paid staff. We already use local businesses for our kit printing and washing. It will also benefit the local economy from increased footfall. Plus, sponsors get an opportunity to be seen by a wide range of people across the west of the City.

Where Your Money Goes

But what exactly are we doing with our new home? Well, ultimately, it’s going to be a sports complex with a proper stand, and a community hall. The works, basically (See the steps outlined below in handy graphics to learn more)

However, just now we’re asking you for funding with what we’re calling Phase 1. It’s going to cost £14,000, which accounts for a spectator perimeter, goals, stockade and player gate, planting and widening the pitch, technical dugouts, and dressing room physio tables.

Step 1

– Move the existing pitch slightly and enlarge it to 100x60m.

– Put in a spectator barrier around the pitch.

– Install dugouts and technical areas.

Step 2

– Install a concrete plinth around the side of the pitch and surrounding slabs.

– Create an opening on the opposite side of changing rooms to allow for a separate player and spectator entrances to the pitch.

Step 3

– Put in a perimeter fence to separate it from other pitches

– Install a stand for 100 people along with additional amenities.

How You Can Help

So you’ve heard our dream, now’s the time to ask you to help us make it real; to ask you, please, for a donation. Anything you can afford will be so greatly appreciated.

But more than money, we don’t just want to ask you for your help, we want to ask you to be a part of it! Come along, watch our games, and even join in; we have sports for all ages and all skill levels.

And that’s it. That’s our story. Thanks so much for taking the time to read. All that’s left to do is share this post on your socials!

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BSC Club Statement 17th May 2021

BSC have decided to start a new Professional team in the Scottish Football pyramid. This team will be known as the BSC 1st team.

The Club have decided to cut ties with our current 1st team that has been playing home games in Alloa. We have been unable to get a Licensed ground in Glasgow for this team and for a number of reasons it is time for us to move on. Primarily the rational for this decision is that we have not been able to get any of our own BSC youth players into the first team. Given that the team was set up for this purpose we have decided to move on. We are going to reset the dial.

An opportunity has arisen for us to start again and join the West of Scotland League. We will start out at the bottom tier of the Scottish Football pyramid, a mere 9 steps below the premier League. Our home ground will be in Glasgow at Springburn Park and all of the players will be our own BSC players.

Our plan is start afresh by creating a 100% fan owned Community Interest Company to run professional football at BSC. This enterprise will run both our Womens and Men’s teams.

We will release our very exciting plans in the coming days and weeks.

BSC Glasgow

If you require any more details, please email us at

Breaking Venue News

Glasgow Life and School Letting have confirmed that their outdoor pitches will open from Monday 24th August. We are still getting guidance notes on how these will operate. We intend to issue these before any training takes place.

The indoor groups (P1,2&3) will be outside at Hyndland too. Halls are due to open on the 14th September.

Answers from the Board (The Board of the SYFA) – Week 6

View this week’s Answers from the Board following last week’s hiatus.  These address questions we received off the back of announcements made last week and the topic of registrations. View online as a PDF or you can read it all below.

The update from the grassroots group states that it will be October until competitive games will return at grassroots level, but the First Minister stated contact sports could resume in August. Can you please clarify?

The Scottish Government has provided the following detail in relation to the indicative date for the resumption of contact sports:

‘Contact sports (outdoors) – all ages- following the guidance of relevant sports bodies.’

The activities permitted from 24th August will come with boundaries, guidelines and protocols which must be followed, as was the case when 13th July was announced as the date on which children and young people could resume training.

The staged approach which was announced by the grassroots sub-group on Wednesday is being worked on in conjunction with the Scottish Government and SportScotland. Every decision made is in line with government guidance, and the timeline given in terms of the resumption of competitive matches in October is dependent on continued positive progress being made against the virus in Scotland.

The group is currently working on updated guidelines which will apply from the 24th August and hopes to provide a further update in the coming days. However, we would advise all members that they should not expect a return to matches, including friendlies, at this time.

How can we thank James Anderson and the Scottish Football Partnership Trust for the generous donation to youth football?

We’ve had lots of people asking how best to pass on their thanks so we’re more than happy to collate all the messages of thanks and pass them on to Mr Anderson and the Scottish Football Partnership Trust (SFP Trust). Just send them over to

Alternatively, you can also contact the SFP Trust using the email address on their website ( or message them on Twitter @SFP_Football.

Following the announcement regarding Mr Anderson’s donation, can teams who have already paid for the upcoming 11 v 11 season apply for a refund?

As advised within the Chairman’s announcement, 11-a-side teams will have their membership covered for the 2021/2022 season. So it’ll be in next year’s affiliation window that 11-a-side teams get their membership free of charge.

Can you provide current guidelines on how teams should register players?

The Board made the decision to temporarily amend the registration process from 31st July 2020, until it safe to resume obtaining signatures as normal. The new process is as follows:

  • Teams may add players to a registration form via SFA Live, provided they have the written consent from the player’s
    parent/carer to do so
  • Written consent can be provided via email, text message or any other electronic messaging from a verified account
  • The parent/carer must provide consent along with confirmation that the child or young person would like to be
    registered with the team
  • Once the summary sheet has been printed, two officials must then sign the bottom section of the sheet, ensuring to
    practice strict physical distancing at all times
  • By signing the form, these officials are confirming that they have permissions to register the player (s) listed on the
  • Registration forms must then be scanned and emailed to
  • All emails must confirm that they have received written consent as described above from each player’s parent/carer
  • SYFA will be conducting spot checks and may ask teams to provide copies of this written consent
  • Officials should securely store registration forms in order to obtain signatures when it is safe to do so
  • A clear line should be scored through the names of any players added in error

    Your patience is appreciated at this time and we would ask allow 5 working days for forms to be processed. Any forms emailed to us prior today, 31st July, should be resubmitted. Please remember to use the new email address when sending in forms:

Permitted Grassroots Football Activity

These guidelines apply to Scotland only, and have been produced in line with the government guidance on public spaces, outdoor activity and exercise published on 18 June 2020, which can be viewed at: Scottish Government: Exercise & Activity Guidance

On the 21 May 2020, the Scottish Government published Scotland’s COVID-19 route map through and out of the crisis, which sets out the order in which it plans to relax restrictions. Based on our discussions with Scottish Government/sportscotland and following the easing of lockdown restrictions, the Scottish FA has developed a set of practical guidelines for clubs and participants to follow so that football activity can happen in Scotland during lockdown, where the local environment allows.

These guidelines apply so that football can happen in a way that is in line with Scottish Government advice and helps to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition to the updated information on permitted activity during phase two the Scottish FA will begin to work with and support clubs and groups on ‘Planning and Preparing’ for phase three of the Scottish Government Route Map, when we expect facilities to start to open. This will include providing more detailed resources, templates and advice around what clubs can plan for and how to plan for it. Any planning will be predicated on what restrictions are lifted in phase three and in line with timelines set out by the Scottish Government.

In line with the Scottish Government Guidelines updated on 18 June, the Scottish FA continue to encourage only informal football activity to take place as follows:

  • Playing football individually e.g. practice of individual skills or fitness activities.
  • Playing football with your family or other people living in your household.
  • Football activity with up to a maximum of 8 individuals from three households; physical distancing and hygiene guidelines must be followed while undertaking all forms of physical activity.
  • Coaching an adult player (over the age of 18) one to one; physical distancing and hygiene guidelines must be followed while undertaking all forms of physical activity.
  • Football activity involving children should continue to follow all child wellbeing guidelines.

All football activities with children must be planned to involve a minimum of two adults in line with Scottish Football’s Child Wellbeing and Protection Policy.

Under the Scottish Government’s route map and in line with Scottish Football’s Child Wellbeing and Protection Policy, the following must be adhered to when any football activity is undertaken with children:

  • All coaches/staff/volunteers involved in any activity must have undertaken ‘safe’ recruitment procedure and have went through the PVG membership scheme via the relevant National Affiliated Association.
  • Coaches/staff/volunteers involved in any football activity can only coach within their own club setting with players registered to that organisation.
  • All coaches/staff/volunteers undertake relevant training and agree to a Code of Conduct.
  • All activities must be fully risk assessed in advance with the relevant club insurance in place.
  • The activity should take place outdoors, for example in a large garden or public park.
  • Physical distancing (of 2m) between the three households must be adhered to .
  • The adult from the child’s household must have designated responsibility for any first aid the child requires.

Health & Hygiene

  • If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or upper sleeve. Dispose of your tissue into an appropriate bin supplied at the venue or place in a plastic bag and take home. Wash your hands afterwards for 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching your face and ensure to clean your hands with at least 60% alcohol gel when you finish participating.
  • People who are symptomatic should self-isolate for 7 days and household members for 14 days as per NHS guidance. No one who is self-isolating should attend an outdoor sports facility/activity.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not leave your home to undertake exercise or outdoor activity if Scottish Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has or has had symptoms of COVID-19.
  • People who are shielding are permitted to undertake activities providing strict physical distancing is adhered to.

Before Participating

  • Travel restrictions outlined by the Scottish Government should always be adhered to. Further information is available at; Travel & Meeting Others Outdoors.
  • At all times, participants should adhere to the Scottish Government’s physical distancing guidelines of staying at least 2m away from others.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before leaving home to go to the facility/venue (or use an alcohol gel if washing hands is not possible). Information on hand hygiene is available at: Health Protection Scotland: Hand hygiene techniques.
  • Be aware guidance can change and restrictions may be reintroduced – ensure you have checked the latest version of guidelines on the Scottish FA website’s Return To Football Hub.

Personal Equipment

  • Where possible take your own equipment with you and do not share equipment such as footballs, water bottles, cones, bibs etc.
  • Only take the minimum amount of equipment that you need to participate.
  • Clean and wipe down your equipment, including water bottles before and after use.
  • Bring a full water bottle, and do not share food or drink with others.
  • Ensure you take all personal belongings and equipment with you at the end of the activity and do not leave anything at the venue/facility.
  • Hand sanitiser should be at least 60% alcohol based and detergent wipes appropriate for the surface they are being used on.  Cleaning products should conform to EN14476 standards. Note: In basic language EN14476 is Milton.

During Participation

Participation Limits

  • A maximum of 8 individuals from three households can take part in activity together. Scottish Government guidance on physical distancing and maximum numbers of households must be adhered to at all time.
  • Always stay at least two metres away from other participants including during participation, when taking breaks and before and after participation.
  • Do not make physical contact with other participants (such as shaking hands or high five).
  • Do not congregate with others and adhere to physical distancing rules. No extra-curricular or social activity should take place


  • The focus during phase two is on continuing to encourage informal football activity as set out previously as well as ‘Planning and Preparing’ for phase three and any guidelines that will be updated by the Scottish Government. At this time due to physical distancing measures matches are not permitted.


  • Clubs and participants should be aware that the easing of restrictions does not mean that all facilities/venues will open immediately. Owners and operators will require time to consider all the implications of opening facilities/venues and put plans in place to re-engage staff and to set up operations that ensure the sa

BSC Glasgow FC Pathway Academy (June 2020)

The Club will be establishing new talent identification squads as part of our player pathway towards our professional Lowland League team. (Tier 5 of Scottish Football Pyramid).

BSC already has an Under 20s team playing in the SLFL Friday night development league under the governance of the SFA.

We will establish three new age groups as part of our player pathway.  BSC Youth players and children from other Clubs will be selected to play in development games. These Players will still train and play with their own teams as before, this will not replace their regular football.


  • The squads are to be drawn from across two age groups. i.e. for the U13s it will be U13s & U12s.

  • The project will require us to secure new funding by way of sponsorship and grants so that it will not detract from the Club resources.
  • Academy Team coaches will liaise with team coaches about players they want to invite along, and in turn the Club will contact parents for permission.
  • Children will be invited to join these squads, but participation will be optional. We want parents and players to understand that the team that they train and play for is their priority commitment to the Club.
  • BSC believes that the bonds Players have with their Coaches and teammates are of the greatest importance as they go through adolescents. One of the biggest criticisms of Pro Youth Academy’s is the detrimental effects of isolating from your peers and the stress on family life when all energy is focused on one child. Not withstanding the pressure on the Child being in an environment where failure is more often than not the outcome.
  • Selection for the squads does not involve ‘signing’ for a new team and some players will play on occasion and others on a regular basis. We do not want this to become divisive so understanding that this is not a defining moment for any player is important. We should not get carried away.
  • Currently the U20s train together twice a week. It is expected that the U17s will eventually be set up in the same way. (This is under consideration by the SLFL) We do not expect this to apply to younger players going forward for the reasons we have outlined.

The Pathway Academy will need Coaches and Support staff. This may be something that our existing Coaches and Helpers can become involved in. This will be helping to make our Club stronger and getting home grown talent into the First team is the objective.

Please contact our head Coaches or the Club directly if you have any questions


Scottish Football’s Joint Response Group announced on 20 April the creation of a number of sub groups to investigate the ‘Operational steps necessary to restart football’.

With the announcement on 21 May 2020 of the COVID-19 Framework for Decision Making ‘Scotland’s route map through and out the crisis’, the Scottish FA Grassroots Sub Group will work with internal and external stakeholders, including the Scottish Government to plan for the restart of football when safety measures allow. In line with Scottish Government guidelines and Scottish Football’s Joint Response Group ALL football in Scotland remains suspended until at least 10 June. When football does resume, it seems beyond question that additional measures will need to be put in place.

While that work is being carried out, a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document has been created to answer ongoing questions and queries regarding grassroots football.

The Grassroots Sub Group was established to ensure when government guidelines permit that processes are in place to allow football under the jurisdiction of the Non Professional Game Board to restart. The Grassroots Sub Group is working towards the creation of a framework to help support the re-introduction of community grassroots football and training.

View the Frequently Asked Questions