About BSC

Our Story

We are BSC Glasgow Community. That ‘B’ is where it all started. Broomhill, in June 2004. The kids at the local primary school had no access to team sport. Their only exercise was one hour of P.E a week. A group of parents decided to take matters into their own hands. So, in 2004, a group of schoolkids played a 7-a-side game of football against another local school. Little did they know, that in 2020 a team in the same colours, with the same name, would be playing Hibernian F.C. in the 5th round of the Scottish Cup.

From that one game 16 years ago, we now offer sports training and match play in: Football, Netball, Table Tennis, Baseball and Basketball to more than 750 members. We start with Mini Kickers at 3 years of age all the way through to Walking Football for people in retirement. Our members attend schools right across Glasgow, and we welcome players from everywhere.

Beyond Sport

Recently, we’ve been thinking beyond sport. Although we truly believe in the power of sport to change young people’s lives, we know that sport isn’t for everyone. But, the community should be. Going into the future we want to help more people than ever before. So, look out for Kaffi @ The Pierce, a café we’re opening in Govan where we will train and hire young people with learning difficulties. And look out for our new project Healthy Minds; Healthy Body: this project will educate our members and our community, on mental health, drug use, and the dangers of doping in grass roots sports.

Our Aim

We want to establish Sport as an integral part of School and Community life.

We want to encourage participation by as many children as possible in a wide range of enjoyable activities that promote health and well-being.

We will look to engineer both sporting excellence and enthusiastic participation from our children.

We want to develop the highest standard of sporting etiquette and foster talented and dedicated individuals…

In the long term we want to establish permanent Club facilities that will sustain a vibrant community Club offering sport to people of all ages and from every section of society.

Who Uses the Club

BSC is available to anyone regardless of ability to play. The club has an extensive training schedule throughout the week, and we put out teams at the weekend. The club looks at developing each individual as an athlete, and as a person. We recognise that all children develop at different rates and we measure achievement accordingly.

We want to run inclusive and elite sport within the same club, this way we can encourage a lifetime of participation and passion for sport and comradeship.

Membership means that you can participate in whatever appropriate sport or activity we provide, usually at no extra cost.

Latest News

If you have any latest news stories that you would be of interest to BSC Youth, please can you send it to our media team at mail@bscglasgow.co.uk.

To join BSC

Contact us at: mail@bscglasgow.co.uk or call us on 0141 339 3606. Alternatively you can attend a club admin session at The Crypt at St Brides Church, on 69 Hyndland Rd, G12 9UX (Tuesday and Thursdays from 6-7pm).

You will be sent membership notes on how we operate, and if you wish to proceed, we will send you the relevant membership forms.

How the Club Runs

BSC Glasgow Community is managed by the Parent Community Sports Trust (SC044806).

The trust appoints a management committee to oversee operations. We employ staff to help administrate the club. But the backbone of our club, then, now, and always, will be our volunteers. Made up mostly from parents and carers, they are involved in everything from management, coordination duties, coaching, fund raising, refreshments, washing kits, field set up and so on. Our volunteers are part of the culture, conversation, and identity of who we are. We are always looking for people to step up and get involved.

The Club has a Charter and Membership Rules that set out how we operate and govern ourselves.  When joining, Members, Parents, Volunteers sign their acceptance of these rules, and children from P4 upwards also sign their understanding of the rules.